Solar tracking data update: Wednesday July 8 2020, 08:34:01

Sunrise and Sunset: 4:33 - 18:59 Solar Zenith:43.622900 Solar Azimuth:94.050366
Solar Zenith
Solar Azimuth

Shortterm View:

Weekly Solar Zenith
Weekly Solar Azimuth

Midterm View:

Station Health

Station Uptime:
IP Address:
CPU Usage:
RAM Usage:
45M of 875M
Disk Usage:
9.7G of 59G
CPU Temperature:

PV System

Charge Controller:
Victron MPPT 75/10
Controller Rating:
75V 10A
PV Panel:
Autumn Technologies
Panel Rating:
40W (4x10W)
Battery Type:
Yuasa NPH12-12
Battery Rating:
12Ah (1x12Ah/10hrs)

Solar System Images