This site is the online frontend to Raspberry Pi powered weather stations. The Raspberry Pi is a versatile, yet small-sized single-board computer made for embedded projects. When placed in a enclusure and coupled with environmental sensors, the recording of weather data over long periods of time becomes possible. This site acts as the online frontend to collect and visualize data from multiple weather stations.

To see individual station data, graphs and details, please klick on the station image below.

pi-ws01 (Active)

Air Temperature:25.87°C Relative Humidity:84.42 % Barometric Pressure:1012.75 hPa
Station Timezone:Asia/Tokyo Station Uptime:222d:23h:44m Reporting Since:Jun 1 2024
pi-ws01 live image

pi-ws02 (Active)

Air Temperature:26.53°C Relative Humidity:37.78 % Barometric Pressure:1012.88 hPa
Station Timezone:Europe/Berlin Station Uptime:53d:19h:2m Reporting Since:Dec 19 2023
pi-ws02 live image

pi-ws03 (Inactive)

Air Temperature:22.15°C Relative Humidity:61.51 % Barometric Pressure:1011.19 hPa
Station Timezone:Asia/Tokyo Station Uptime:0d:0h:4m Reporting Since:Dec 19 2023
pi-ws03 live image

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